Friday, 7 June 2013

Divided by sports but united by qualities

Hi friends, today I'm going to write something special like you have never read before.
Today I'm going to write about similarities between two league champion teams.
But those teams are much different.You may say "what can be similar between two teams which have nothing in common and which are completely different?".

So,lets come to the point.Many of you will be knowing about both of the teams.Mumbai Indians winning IPL(Indian Premier league) and UCL (UEFA champions league) won by Bayern Munich.You may say how these two teams can have something in common when MI plays in IPL which is cricket league and Bayern plays in football league(s)?

In my opinion,its upto us if there are similarities or not?
I have been watching these two teams for a long time and both teams have been in similar circumstances is similarity between these two winning champions:-

1)Great players :- A we know, these teams have great players.MI have GOD himself,Sachin Tendulkar(retired after winning IPL this season),Rohit Sharma,Kieron Pollard,Harbhajan Singh,Mitchell Johnson,Dwayne Smith,etc.

MI Players celebrating

Bayern Munich also having great players like Mario Gomez,schweinsteiger,Arjen Robben,Phillip Lahm,Frank Ribery,etc.

2)Great support :- You will now think what matters if you have support or not.But it does.

3)Great Managers :- Jupp Heynckes and his successor Pep Guardiola are the names which
need no introduction to all football fans.And in case of Mumbai Indians John Write,Anil Kumble
and now, Master Blaster sachin Tendulkar are the role of mentor/manager.

4) Hard luck :- Mumbai had a chance in 2010 but they got beaten by CSK.In case of Bayern they got beaten by Man Utd. back in 1999 and from Chelsea last year on penalties.

5)Smart captains :- Your team may not be that good,but its essential that your captain should be good in order to keep team on the way to victory.These two teams have good captains(Rohit Sharma and Phillip Lahm).

6)Consistency:- Both teams have proved you cannot be the champion unless you are consistent.These are the similar  things/qualities between these two teams separated by sports but united by values.

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